Heart Disease and Its Ayurvedic method of treatment

8:04 AM

Control your heart related problem with home made medicine 

Heart disease refers to numerous problems that affect the structure and proper functioning of the heart.

Heart disease kills the largest number of Americans per year. According to the AmericanHeart Association,heart attacks and strokes, kills more people than all forms of cancer combined. The main reason behind all kind of health related problems is unhealthy life style and smoking. Preference to packed and high fat containing food is the main reason for this. 

Here in Learnwithmasters, I am trying to guide you through some of the home made medicines to control health related problems. 

Home Made Medicine for Heart Problems

1. Several research has shown that Garlic (Lasun) is very much beneficiary for heart patient. So, eating 2-3 pieces of Garlic every morning  helps to decrease the risk. 

2. Use turmeric while cooking. 

3. Chinese Hibiscus 
    Boil a cup water with two petals of a hibiscus flower, add a teaspoon of honey and drink it     once for few weeks. 

4. Regular exercise and jogging. 

5. Perform few of the yoga steps daily to minimize the risk. The posture for Yoga are shown in the picture. 

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