How to create an email account

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E-mail which stand for Electronic mail  has been one of the necessity of every people who is in touch with the virtual world. Email helps to maintain the link between the people. We can also consider Email as as one of the fastest means of communication in the world. 

Think about the time when the people used to wait for the postman for their letters to arrive and see the present time where people receive the information in no time. Digital world had made people to be in touch with latest technologies and to be in touch with those technologies people should create an online mailing account. So, today in this tutorial i am going to guide through a basic thing. 

How to create an email account?

There are different companies providing different types of mailing account with different features. Few of them are Yahoo, MSN, Gmail and so on. 

I am going to guide you How to create an email account in Gmail.  

First go to address bar of your browser and type  

Click on Create account

Once you click there you will be redirected to a new page, where you will be asked to fill up your name surname, date of birth, your username and you will be asked to create password as well. while creating password choose a uppercase letter (A), lowercase letter (a), symbol (@) and number (1), this will help to make your password more strong. 

In place of inserting phone number, you can give your phone number or you can keep it blank. Gmail asks you to give your phone number to make your account more secure. 

Once you fill up every data click on create, your gmail account is created. 

See the video below for live help to create an email account. As the video created below is my first try there might be some defects in it. Your suggestions are appreciated. Please do comment and subscribe us if you like us. 

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