How to order Payoneer MasterCard for free

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 Order Payoneer mastercard through Learn With Masters 

Payoneer is a globally accepted MasterCard, so it has been a necessity for those people who spend their time in virtual world and perform some kind of online activities.The card accepts almost all type of payments furthermore almost all kind of online payments can be paid through Payoneer MasterCard.

The procedure is simple and the card is absolutely free of cost. Payoneer MasterCard has been popular at present as it is free of cost and arrives at your door if you provide the correct information.
So in this article I am going to describe the procedure to apply Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal and in other countries for free.

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Y   You will be redirect to this page and fill in the correct information in the box.

Your First name
Your last name              (Surname)
Email Address              (If you don’t have Learn it from HERE)
Your date of birth in AD
(The information you provide above should match with your government issued card like Citizenship, License, passport as you have to submit anyone of above mentioned government issued card to verify your MasterCard)

It should look like this. This is just an example.

Click on Next 

    This is how you will receive the Payoneer MasterCard. 

You can find the Postal code through this

For other countries search in search engines.
Find your district and then VDC/ Municipality and Insert the number from there. 

Please remember the security answer as it will help you a lot later. Better write and save it somewhere in your drive.

Choose anyone of the government issued card and Check on Enter Alternate shipping address if your Permanent address and temporary address are different but don’t change the Name and Surname. If not leave it.

Click on order.

 You will receive an e-mail from payoneer with the reference number which will be used to communicate with customer care representative later.
For now login to Payoneer Debit MasterCard account with the help of details you provided.
Your e-mail and password.

Now, choose the questions and provide answers and submit it. As, I mentioned earlier note down the answers somewhere so that you can get it whenever you require.

Once your application is reviewed you will see the date when your card will arrive. Contact the post office during that period of time. Receive the card and enjoy it.

See the video tutorial for more help


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