How to record screen in Windows 10

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How to record screen in Windows 10?

You are fond of playing games and you want to record all the events of the match and want to watch it later. Definitely you might be in search of screen recorder software and might be fed up of googling it as most of the software are scams of you need to pay to use it.

Screen recorder not only helps you to record the game events but also to record all the important activities that you perform in windows screen. 

Recording the screen in windows 10 has become much more easier than it was. The screen recorder tool is now available in windows 10 and it is quiet easier to use as well. 

 LEARNWITHMASTERS, presents the simple technique of using this tool available in windows 10, with which you will be able to record the activities of your windows 10 screen. 


A laptop or PC installed windows 10 operating system.

Step 1

First, Press Windows Key and 'G' together in your laptop or PC. 

A new window will pop-up.

Screen recorder in windows 10

Tick On, Yes, this is a game.

A new window will pop-op again and you will see the recording icon .

Click on the recording button shown in the menu, the recording of the screen will start instantly.

You can simple click the time limit menu shown in the windows screen and the screen recorder will stop and you can find the recorded video in the Capture folder of your default Videos folder. 

Thanks for visiting the blog. You can find it more easy if you watch the video given .

How to record screen in Windows 10?

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