How to change WIFI password in TP-LINK router

12:57 AM

Using wifi has become one of the basic requirement of the people now days but still i can see many people wondering about How to change WIFI password?

So, today i am going to guide you through how to change wireless password in TP-LINK router and the process is almost same in most of the routers.

How to change your wifi password?

Open your browser and type  or which is default ip of your router or you can ask your ISP for router IP in case if they had changed it.

How to change WIFI Password

Type admin as username and admin as password (this one is default username and password of your router)

Now click on wireless and then wireless security you will see an option wireless password now change the password and click on save

How to change WIFI Password

Now you can connect to internet using new password. For that see the wireless network find your router SSID name and click on forget password and re-connect it using new password.

See the video tutorial for more help

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